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Vascobelo is one of the partners of Refugee Company, which since 2017 has the beautiful mission to help refugees integrate in the Dutch labour market by using their talent and connecting them with companies.

Refugee Company is based in the Bijlmer Bajes in Amsterdam and at the moment hosts 600 refugees who are willing to start their new life in The Netherlands. They are learning Dutch language and the habits of the country to be able to integrate properly.


The Refugee Company has built and event space in its facility which is 100% ran by refugees. This, of course, gives them the opportunity to be in contact with a lot of companies.  Our contribution is to take care of the coffee equipment and provide refugees with the necessary trainings to be able to offer the beautiful Vascobelo experience to the events' guests.


Every week, a small group that is interested in working in the hospitality business assist our trainings. At the same time, we give them the opportunity to do an internship in one of our own Café-Brasseries.

Once the refugees are well trained, we help them with a contract that allows them to work in the hospitality business.

We are very proud to be part of this project and love to help people build a new future and give them opportunity of a successful career!

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