Father  De  Roeck  has  always  been  a  coffee aficionado and  he  was  also best  friends  with  a famous  coffee  trader  in  the  Port  of  Antwerp,  known  for  having  the  largest  coffee  stocks  in  the world.  The  coffee  trader  treated  the  family  with  freshly  roasted  coffee  from  the  best  estates around the world. Always having this stunning coffee in house, his sons have known the aroma of high quality coffee from a very young age. It is therefore not a surprise that his son Marc De Roeck founded  Vascobelo  20  years  ago  and  further developed  the  award-winning  blend:  the Vascobelo “Le Roi”. Vascobelo  is  thus  a  Belgian  coffee  company,  although  the  name  suggests  otherwise.
 When Marc founded his coffee company, Italian coffee was considered as the best coffee in the world. In hope to profit from the success of Italian coffee, the coffee company was named Vascobelo. In  2012  Marc’s  elder  brother,  Jan  De  Roeck,  took  over  the  helm  at  the  company.  Regarding coffee not as a beverage, but as a sophisticated mean to welcome and bring people together, we successfully brought Vascobelo into the event and restaurant business.

Our belief,


Today we deliver on our belief and keep our promise coffee is not merely a beverage, Vascobelo coffee is also a high-end quality experience in a broader sense. Our Vascobelo Café-Brasseries and events where Vascobelo is offered are therefore more than just about coffee; they are also about high quality food, excellent service and warm hospitality, a peaceful moment with friends, colleagues or yourself.

The stork

The  stork  is  a  beautiful  animal.  Legends say  it  also  is  bringing  new  life:  the  babies. Our Japanese customers are telling us storks are bringing happiness. For us it is also symbolises the annual migration  of  the  stork.  Green  coffee  beans  travel  from  all  over  the  world:  we  carefully select the best, roast them carefully and send them back to all over the world making hopefully people happy all over the world.

The bowler hat

The Vascobelo bowler hat is a reference to the bowler hat that has also been painted by Rene Magritte behind a hint to surrealism it also communicates elegance. Vascobelo storks typically wear it.

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