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Antwerp is the home of Vascobelo and also the city with the most extensive coffee stock. Our history goes back to Father De Roeck, who always has been a coffee aficionado and also best friends to a famous coffee trader in the Port of Antwerp. Due to this friendship, the family was continuously supplied with freshly roasted coffee from the best estates around the world. Always having this stunning coffee in the house, his sons have known the aroma of high-quality coffee from a very young age. It is, therefore, not a surprise that De Roeck’s son Marc De Roeck founded Vascobelo 20 years ago and developed the award-winning blend: the Vascobelo “Le Roi”. Because of our Belgian heritage and roots, Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee company although the name suggests otherwise.

When Marc founded Vascobelo, Italian coffee was considered as the best coffee in the world. In hope to profit from the success of Italian coffee, the brand was named Vascobelo.

However, when Marc’s elder brother, Jan De Roeck, took over the helmet in 2012, he soon realized that Vascobelo is a proud Belgian brand. Belgians are not a big population. Only 10 million people can say they are Belgian. That makes us quite unique. We also have the most coffee roasters per capita, and the Port of Antwerp is home to the largest coffee stocks in the world. Thus, it was about time to put Belgian coffee on the world map.

Today, we still focus on the highest quality of our award-winning coffee, but we have also extended our brand. In our V-bars, we offer everything from breakfast to dinner, and we also offer our customers the possibility to host their own events in our locations. Vascobelo also has so-called V-points in office buildings all over The Netherlands in which, employees can enjoy their breaks with freshly packed lunch and snacks, as well as excellent Vascobelo coffee. Finally, our event team accompanies many re-known corporations on trade fairs or events and serves their customers with coffee and food.

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Vascobelo is a brand that entails many aspects and is deeply rooted in Belgian culture.

We, for instance, are inspired by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, who taught us not to take ourselves too seriously, meaning that we highly appreciate sophisticated fun and witty humor. Subsequently, we are human,  we have strong morals and values, but we also acknowledge that we are not machines. Thus, while we always strive to be perfect, we are not - we do make mistakes (sometimes..).

Also, we love the roaring twenties; especially vintage, antiques, and great Gatsby glamour. Our V-bars are inspired by this time, are cozy and characterized by wood, leather, and brass. However, all of our V-bars exhibit a modern twist.

Moreover, we love music! Especially authentic music that is made by real instruments and not with computers. Specifically, we are fascinated by Jazz music and have brought out our first Vascobelo Jazz album featuring the young Belgian Singer Lisah Adeaga.

Furthermore, we believe that we are tactile, which means that we don't think of us as untouchable. We are an accessible company and love personal contact with our customers. We also love to hug and to be hugged.

Two symbols that very well describe what we stand for is the stork and the bowler hat. Firstly, we like the stork because it is a beautiful animal. Legends say it also brings new life while our Japanese customers told us that storks bring happiness. For us, the stork also symbolizes the annual migration of the stork. We identify with this beautiful creature because green coffee beans travel from all over the world: We carefully select the best, roast them with passion, and send them back to all over the world, hopefully making many people very happy. Secondly, the bowler hat is a reference to the one that was also painted by René Magritte. It is on the one hand, a hint to the surrealism we love and, on the other hand, it communicates elegance.

And last but not least, we at Vascobelo live according to the philosophy that all of our baristas, as well as customers, are one big family and thus, we strive to treat everyone accordingly.

Therefore, our spirit is to be a place where friends meet.

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