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All your senses are stimulated by Vascobelo at your event, especially when the Vascobelo Jazz Quartet is added to the experience.

They play the most smooth jazzy tunes or other genres on request. The band is also flexible when it comes to the number of musicians.

Of course, we recommend the full quartet for the full experience!

For bookings, info and prices please contact or call +31 20 890 81 92

Sjoerd plays the piano, and knows how to handle many different musical genres. However, his love for Jazz music has risen several years ago. Improvisation is an important part of his game. It contributes to the happiness that arises while making and hearing music.

Due to her interest in many different music genres, singer Jasmin has developed a versatile sound which is applicable on many genres. Yet her Jazz and Soul tones feel like homecoming. With her deep, warm voice she adopts the songs.

Richard is a multi-talent when it comes to creating a perfect base-line for several music genres. His strong groove is always about music, the musicians and the audience. He creates the foundation of the perfect play.

Dirk recently graduated from the conservatorium. He plays drums for about 20 years now. Because he has worked with Sjoerd and Jasmin for a long time, so they are well attuned to each other. Dirk says the most important is that both the audience and the musicians feel good, he thinks. If this is the case, beautiful things can happen!

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