Our professional barista service at Vascobelo Events provides your visitors a warm welcome and instantly adds value to your event. We provide the Vascobelo Experience on any given location with top baristi and our classic-style Vascobelo-tricycle.


Our services:

Professional baristi, that can create up to a 150 coffees per hour! They master Latte-art Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Machiatto, Ristretto, Espresso, Americano and Tea. All provided in Vascobelo-branded paper cups. This range can be extended with Hot Choco, Chai Latte and iced coffee if preferred.

We also have the possibility to serve delicious homemade pastries and more to accompany your cup of coffee. All of it is freshly made at our Vascobelo Food Central!

As mentioned, we have the possibility to provide our classic-style Vascobelo-tricycle for the complete experience. Another option is our elegant coffee bar with timeless look and feel.


In order to be able to provide the Vascobelo Experience we request 2 free power groups and water supply on walking distance. We can work with either 220V or 380V (16A). For bigger capacities we recommend a permanent water connection.

Our strength lies in our personal touch and flexible service. 

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