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The newest member of the family

Our first compostable V-cup is finally there!

These compostable cups are made with natural materials only. The cups have a base of starch and plant-based glucose, and the top foil is created with plant-based extracts. These components are woven into each other which gives a paper-feel.

Because we want to minimize packaging materials, we sell the V-cups in reusable bags. When you refill the bag at one of our locations, our barista will treat you on your favorite cup of coffee for free.


We love to drink a high quality coffee, but we want that our planet loves our coffee too. Therefore, we are more than proud to introduce our newest V-cup: the compostable l'Empereur. This cup is made with natural materials and free from aluminium. The cup itself is made with oxygen barriers, which make sure that no oxygen will get into the coffee cup. This has several advantages, namely a longer shelf life and no other packaging is required. We believe it is the start of enjoying coffee at home at the most sustainable way. 


Our l'Empereur is a 100% Arabica blend from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia and Cameroon. It has both a sweet and powerful taste. Showing hints of black chocolate, walnuts, hazelnut and honey due to the darker roasting method with a full and lingering aftertaste.

It is the perfect intense espresso for coffee connoisseurs.


Our newest compostable V-cups are made of a bioplastic (Terrablend®), which is made of renewable raw materials. The technical additives are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Also in the production process we place particular importance on manufacturing
the biocapsules in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, all the cups are produced in one country. This not only offers the advantage of ensuring that transport routes are short and more environmentally friendly, but also that communication channels are clear,
concise and efficient.