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With our coffee tasting you will discover the wide range of aromas in coffee and the variety between coffees by cupping different coffees. At the same time, your knowledge of coffee will be tested and supplemented with theoretical coffee facts.


During this event you will not only taste our award winning blends Le Roi, Le Comte and L'Empereur but you will also be introduced to

some of the most wonderful, exclusive Single Origins coffees we offer. We will also taste coffees using diverse brewing methods.

You will learn how to enjoy coffee professionally and how to define the wide range of taste palettes of each coffee. Meanwhile, your knowledge of coffee will be supplemented with some nice to know coffee facts. You will find yourself more knowledgeable in coffee matters and able to taste coffee like a true barista.

Each tasting event takes about two hours and costs € 30,00 per person. The event is open for everyone and will be given in groups of at least six people. The events are held in our offices or after opening hours in our Vascobelo V-bars. We also come to your location of choice!


Our tasting events are also very popular for groups and clubs up to 50 people, we can also combine tastings with lunch or diner. 

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